Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26 - All Things Adeline

Dear Adeline,

You are now 14 months old! Every month you grow in height, intelligence, personality, and love. You are the sweetest most cuddly little girl I have ever known! Few things make you happier than giving big hugs, patting backs, and giving big open mouth kisses. At any given moment while you are playing, you will stop what you're doing, take off running to me, wrap your arms around me and await a returned hug and kiss. Once you have that - you head back to play. I love to think that you will be busy doing something and suddenly it pops in your head that you want to come love on your mommy. I hope you do that for many, many days to come.

Here are some of the things your are doing these days:

* Words: bite, cheese, hi, bye-bye, momma, daddy, dada, gigi, maggie, bird, uh-oh, more (mah), vroom-vroom (when you see a car of truck), please (peace), jake, jess, bath, baby (bah-be), Jesus (chee - sus), and paci.

* You are starting to get good at running. When you think I'm going to put a diaper or pj's on you - you take off running through the house hoping we will chase you. I can't wait to go outside in the spring and play!

* You are really good with your toys. You know how to put your big farm puzzle together, put some shapes in their correct slots, rings on a stick, stack bowls, sort toys in a bowl, and much more!

* You love baby dolls. You carry them around on your shoulder and pat their backs just like they are your baby. You are a little mommy!

* You LOVE books! Mommy and Daddy have been reading to you since you were first born. We both love books and we hope you will share the same passion. You are well on your way! Throughout the day you bring us different books and want to sit in our laps while we read them and you turn the pages.

* You are a bit obsessed with necklaces, cell phones, keys, remotes, and water bottles. If we try to remove any of these objects from your hands you act as if we have stolen your best friend.

* Any time we go near the back door, either to let maggie in or out or just to go outside, you hear the door and take off running because you want to see what's out there.

* You seem pretty fearless. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, you just get back up like nothing happened.

* You like to have your teeth brushed! I think it must feel really good because you open your mouth like you are excited for this task!

* You get more and more funny every day. You will babble something and then laugh at yourself, which in return makes us laugh, too!

* You are drinking great out of your own sippy cup (only with a straw) and you finally started holding your own bottle at the beginning of January.

* You babble/talk all the time. I have no idea what you are saying, but you are constantly jabbering.

* You love Sesame Street Beginnings and Barney. So far, nothing else on TV has caught your attention, besides the theme to "Olivia."

* You like to find cloths and then put them behind your back and on top of your shoulders and run around the house.

* We can't keep you away from cabinets. This may be your favorite thing to do at this point - open, close, open, close...

* You still adore bath time! After dinner I will say "bath time! bath time!" and you will go running towards your bathroom screaming "bah! bah!"

* You love food. YOu are a great eater who is not afraid to try anything. Your favorites are cheese, pasta, bread, turkey, chicken, chocolate, oatmeal, and yogurt.

I'm sure there is so much more that I could think, but I wanted to get some things down so I wouldn't forget.

much love and kisses, mommy

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  1. Precious memories forever recorded. Well done.