Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 - Smart Girl

We are blown away by how how adeline continually picks up on so many new things! She are saying words that we didn't even know she was hearing (which is a little scary!) and understanding questions that we ask!

Tonight when I got home, we were sitting in her room playing and she pointed to my eyes and clearly said "eyes" and pointed to my teeth and said "teeth." She also said "nose" and pointed to my nose! I am so proud of how she is learning to really communicate what she wants. The things she is most fond of asking us for are; keys, paci, badle (bottle), cheese, baby. It's just incredible to communicate with her in this way!

Also, tonight she pulled out about 12 different books and gave each one to me to read. Then as they were laying in a pile, I ask her to get the "night, night pookie" book and she looked at the pile and immediately picked up the right book! Then I did the same with the "goodnight moon" book and she knew exactly which one it was! It's amazing that she is learning words so well.

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