Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 - Still No Bottle

Adeline is such a smart girl. She does just about everything herself. She wants to brush your own hair and teeth, help put her clothes on, drink from a big cup and a straw, but she REFUSES to hold her own bottle when it's time. Here is a great example of that. Hopefully one of these 365 days we will feature her holding it! But for now we were excited that she would allow us to prop it up because normally we have to be cuddling her and feeding her. Progress!

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  1. AMAZING Lindz....I have this EXACT same picture of a kitchen nook in my "home decor" folder on my computer from HGTV or something!! I love it! And I almost upded my blog background to this one before I checked out this blog! We just have TOO fabulous of taste. I love it!