Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 - Willis Day!

Today our friend Jessica helped us out by keeping Adeline since Adeline's nanny couldn't come in. Since Adeline had very little sleep today, we are pretty sure she spend 90% of the day in a tired gaze. However, she had a really good time playing with Jonah and loving on Jess. According to Jessica, Adeline and Jonah walked their baby dolls around the house for a long time. They look like a little family! Then tonight we went to dinner at Chili's with our friends, the Dixon's and their daughter Annabelle. Both girls alternated throwing fits at the restaurant. Then we went to their house to play and I think Adeline maybe had about 30 breakdowns. Today was the first time I have ever seen her act this way! We think this may be a good time to start socializing her more as she seems a little afraid and jealous of other kids. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I do appreciate having so many amazing friends in our lives. Hopefully Adeline will grow up continuing close relationships with Jonah and Annabelle!

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  1. Adeline was a perfect angel for me! She saved all her feistiness for you!! :) My mom and law suggested that we go on a double date next Thursday night and let she and my dad n law keep the kids at our place! What do you think?!!